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Handling of Personal Information

Tokyo Ferrite Mfg. Co., Ltd. believes that complying with regulations regarding the protection of personal information and ensuring appropriate collection, utilization, and management of personal information within the company is of the utmost importance. When using our website "", we kindly ask you to fully understand our approach to handling personal information and provide your consent only if you agree to it before providing any personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

The term "personal information" mentioned here refers to information that can identify specific individuals, such as customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. On the Website, when customers make inquiries or requests for materials, etc., we may collect their personal information. The collection of personal information by our company is based on customers' voluntary provision, and if customers provide personal information, it is assumed that they agree to the use of such information in accordance with our approach to handling personal information. If you do not agree, we kindly ask you not to provide any personal information.

Use of Collected Personal Information

When collecting personal information, we clearly state the purpose of collection and utilization of personal information is limited to the scope necessary to achieve the initially specified purpose.

Sharing of Information

Our company generally does not share customers' personal information with third parties without their permission. Our company may share information with affiliated companies of our company to achieve the stated usage purposes. In cases such as product delivery and payment settlement, personal information may be disclosed to subcontractors, but only within the scope of achieving the usage objectives. We explicitly impose obligations on subcontractors to not use or disclose customers' personal information for other purposes. However, in cases where disclosure is legally required by the laws of various countries, we may disclose customers' personal information.

Deletion of Information

For customers' personal information that has fulfilled the explicitly stated usage purposes, we delete it after a certain period. Please understand that for data that has been deleted, we cannot respond to requests for disclosure or modification from customers at a later date.


Our company will not disclose personal information to third parties without the individual's consent. However, if there is a lawful request from authorities such as courts, police, consumer centers, or similar entities with appropriate authority, we will disclose information in accordance with such requests.

Changes to Information

If the personal information held by our company is inaccurate or if data deletion is desired, we will modify, update, or delete the data upon request from the individual. Contact information:

Updates to this Document

If changes are made to this document, we will publish and notify on the Website. We request that you regularly review the handling of personal information.

Opinions, Complaints, and Objections Regarding the Handling of Personal Information

If customers believe that our company is not adhering to the handling of personal information as posted on the Website, please contact us first through the inquiry contact: After confirming the content, we will strive to provide appropriate assistance by responding via email.