Installation Examples


Magnets are used in many car parts as sensors and motors of various instruments and equipment, and they play an indispensable part in supporting safety and comfort.

  • EGR valves (exhaust gas re-circulation)
  • Brake warning lamp
  • Water pump for hybrid cars
  • Door lock motor / electric mirror motor
  • Power steering motor
  • Motor for electronic throttle control
  • Oil level sensor
  • Blower motor
  • Distributor sensor
  • Ignition coil (biased)
  • Wiper motor
  • Motor for power brakes
  • ABS pump motor
  • Power window motor
  • Fuel pump motor
  • Fuel level sensor
  • Motor for continuous variable transmission (CVT) control equipment
  • Suspension control
  • Active suspension motor
  • ABS sensor And more

Consumer Electronics

We contribute to technological innovation in making sensors and motors high in performance, compact and lightweight, and energy-saving.

  • Air-conditioner fan /louver motor
  • Forced fan motor for gas water heaters / water volume and gas volume adjustment sensors
  • Door opening and closing sensor for refrigerators
  • Motor for ice makers
  • Circulation pump for bathtubs
  • Circulation pump for jacuzzis And more

IT, Telecommunication and Precision Devices

We also provide high quality components to meet specifications that require a high precision in millimeter units for precision devices, IT and telecommunication devices.

  • Fan motor for computers
  • Switching sensor for notebook PCs
  • Spindle motor for disk drives
  • Pick-up motor for disk readers
  • Vibrating motor for smartphones
  • Switching sensor for flip mobile phones
  • Electric actuator
  • Zoom sensor for digital cameras
  • Image stabilization sensor for digital cameras
  • Shutter motor for digital cameras
  • Spindle motor for DVD and Blu-Ray recorders
  • Pick-up motor for DVD and Blu-Ray recorders And more

Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles, Power Generation, and Medical Devices

As important components that support cutting-edge technologies such as the motors of hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, generators for wind power generation, and MRI, our components are expected to be used for a wide range of applications.

  • Hybrid vehicles (drive motor)
  • Electric and fuel cell vehicles
  • Wind power generators
  • MRI And more