Rubber Magnet: Specifications List

■Material:Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE)

■Available Dimensions According to Use
Sensor length 0.5~200,000
width 0.5~300
thickness 0.3~6
Micromotor length 40~300
width 2.5~40
thickness 0.5~6.7
Adhesion and other uses length 10~1,000
width 25~300
thickness 0.5~6
* There may be dimension limits depending on the shape.
■Magnetization Specification (Sensor and Adhesion Use)
Vertical 1P magnetized
One surface, multi-pole magnetization (standard pitch of 4 mm and 7 mm)
■Surface Processing (Sensor and Adhesion Use)
PET film (to prevent discoloration due to transfer)
Spray painting (for pole marking, etc.)
Double-sided tape attachment

Using Tokyo Ferrite's own production method, we give due attention to counter sulfur in the commutator when used in a micromotor. Since the quality of material for the commutator metal are diverse, a sulfuration test can be performed in advance for worry-free use. Please consult with us in advance regarding usage and other conditions before requesting.